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    Port A South Jetty Fishing Report - July 18, 2014

    Last updated 4 days ago

    Bonita are biting
    Be on the lookout for bonita offshore.
    “We hadn’t been seeing a lot of them, but now, all of a sudden, they’re starting to run with kingfish, and we’re picking up quite a few,” said Eric Peschke, who works at Dolphin Dock, on the waterfront in Port Aransas.
    Other catches offshore this week include kingfish, Atlantic sharpnose shark, grouper, ling, dorado and vermilion snapper, he said. One lucky person scored a wahoo that weighed more than 40 pounds.
    Anglers on red snapper trips (allowed through special federal permits) continue to catch their limits of the prized fish. Various headboat businesses in Port Aransas have the permits.
    In the bays, Peschke said, folks are finding bonnet head and Atlantic sharpnose shark and gafftop.
    At Deep Sea Headquarters, Mike Mitchell said offshore anglers have been getting into kingfish, Atlantic sharpnose shark, dorado and a few ling, plus the odd blackfin tuna.
    Bay trips have resulted mostly in gafftop, he said.
    Karen Leister at Fisherman’s Wharf said recent offshore catches have included Spanish mackerel and dorado.
    The bays have been yielding a lot of black drum and some Spanish mackerel, she said.
    At Horace Caldwell Pier, Blake Wallingsford said anglers have been reeling in trout and jack crevalle. One guy got a 40-pound kingfish, said Wallingsford, who works at Keepers, a shop on the pier.
    Redfish have been hitting on live croaker, Wallingsford said.
    The folks at Woody’s Sports Center couldn’t be reached for comment this afternoon.

    HT-3 Redfish Tournament: Watch Live Weigh-in Online Today

    Last updated 5 days ago

    Catch the weigh-in for the HT-3 Tournament LIVE today beginning at 3:00 p.m.

    Port A South Jetty Fishing Report - July 11, 2014

    Last updated 9 days ago

    Lots of fish in the sea ...
    ... as the 79th Deep Sea Roundup continues

    Some nice catches are being reported offshore and near shore as Port Aransas brims with anglers in town for the 79th Deep Sea Roundup.

    At Fisherman’s Wharf, Karen Leister said an offshore trip this week yielded a blackfin tuna, a 67-pound blacktip shark and a 52-pound ling.

    Folks heading offshore also were catching red snapper (with a special federal permit), vermilion snapper, kingfish and dorado, she said.

    People visiting the north jetty have been finding red snapper, vermilion snapper, kingfish and dorado, Leister said.

    At Dolphin Dock, Gary Carter said recent offshore catches have included kingfish, Atlantic sharpnose shark and a few blackfin and yellowfin tuna. Someone nabbed a 110-pound stingray in state waters, too.

    Bays have been giving up gafftop and whiting, Carter said.

    Mike Mitchell at Deep Sea Headquarters said folks on 12-hour trips have been limiting out on red snapper (again, with a special federal permit) and also catching kingfish, ling and dorado.

    Anglers on eight-hour trips have been hooking kingfish, dorado and ling, he said. Kingfish and Atlantic sharpnose shark have been the rule on five-hour trips.

    Bay guides have been finding trout and redfish, Mitchell said.

    At Woody’s Sports Center, Sharon Keehlisen said folks have been catching limits of speckled trout in the surf and whiting and gafftop at piers.

    Guides have been getting into red and black drum and speckled trout, plus a few flounder, in the flats, she said.

    Blake Wallingsford said anglers at Horace Caldwell Pier have been catching trout, redfish and black drum. Someone reeled in a four-and-a-half-foot Atlantic sharpnose shark there the other day too, said Wallingsford, who works at Keepers, a shop on the pier.


    Port A South Jetty Fishing Report - July 4, 2014

    Last updated 16 days ago

    Calmer waters mean good fishing
    With the winds backing off, the fishing’s been great in Port Aransas lately.
    Just in time for the Fourth of July holiday weekend.
    “It’s starting to get really good,” said Therisha Moreno of Woody’s Sports Center.
    “The wind has died, and I’ve seen more fish today than in the past week,” Moreno said on Thursday, July 3.
    Folks are catching lots of redfish and trout in the bays and off the jetties, she said.
    Offshore, people are catching kingfish, Atlantic sharpnose shark, vermilion snapper, grouper, ling and dorado, according to Gary Peschke and Chrystal Oestreich at Dolphin Dock.
    A group of folks on a headboat out of Deep Sea Headquarters caught a few hundred small dorado this past week.
    Folks also are catching plenty of ling, and vermilion snapper, plus limits of Atlantic sharpnose shark and kingfish, said Dan Hilburn, who works at Dolphin Dock.
    Anglers on federally permitted trips continue to catch limits of red snapper, Hilburn said.
    Private charters have been harvesting wahoo, Atlantic sharpnose shark, kingfish and ling, he said.
    Big boats taking bay trips have been returning with full stringers of gafftop, Hillburn said. Bay guides have been finding a lot of black drum, limits of trout and some redfish, he said.
    At Fisherman’s Wharf, Debbie Roberts said recent offshore catches have included Atlantic sharpnose shark, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, ling and dorado.
    Folks venturing out to the north jetty have been catching redfish, black drum, trout and Spanish mackerel, she said.
    Blake Wallingsford said catches at Horace Caldwell Pier recently have included trout, redfish and whiting as the water in the surf continues to clear up. Wallingsford works at Keepers a shop on the pier.

    Summer is here, and unfortunately, so is the seaweed.

    Last updated 21 days ago

    Summer is here, and unfortunately, so is the seaweed. 


    The City of Port Aransas is working diligently

    to stay on top of the blankets of green stuff coming ashore.


    Seaweed season will soon be over, but the fun and sun will 

    still be hangin' around Port A!


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